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Inspiration behind Maggie M.

Maggie was welcomed into our lives after a cancelled holiday to Koh Samui. Our car had been broken into and our passport and license stolen days before departure. Brooke was particularly unhappy with the turn of events and instead of spending her money in Thailand, decided to invest in a puppy and named her Maggie.  She has been a light in our lives ever since.  Never have we seen a puppy with so much love to give.  Interestingly the name Maggie in Latin actually means 'child of light' so it is fitting that she is not just a joy but our inspiration behind this label.  We all have a different light in our lives, whether it be internal or external and we use light to reignite something inside of us.  

Brooke is a current secondary school teacher with a restless soul.  She recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies, specialising in spirituality. She is also a Mother to two step children and enjoys time to herself in her otherwise hectic schedule. 

Traversing through different parts of the world, one symbol has always been a constant and that is 'light'.  Light is hope and knowledge and opens our eyes to what was previously closed.    

Our base crystal candle range was an important creation bringing to life the smells from around the globe, paying homage to different cultures and traditions. 

We hope you enjoy the journey.

Maggie M.

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