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Do you know where your jewellery comes from?

Introducing Ngamjai Tumon to our Maggie M. family.

Maggie M. has thrown their support behind their Thailand friends during covid. Artisan made by our friend Ngamjai Tumon on the island of Samui.  Unfortunately due to covid-19, the lack of tourism has decimated these parts of the world. This particular family has been forced apart, with Pian (Husband) working on the family rice farm to survive sending any money home to Ngamjai remaining on the island where their daughter Immy attends school.  This family has been struggling under a collapsed tourist economy and they are some of the hardest workers we know. Despite the language barrier, we make our friendship work.  Through broken English and basic understanding of Thai language we have often conversed in the sand to discover each other's stories.  When language evades us, it is the basic facial expressions and hand gestures that mean everything.  If all else fails google translate has been important in supporting each other during these difficult times. We would like to introduce you to Ngamjai Tumon, supplier of our artisan made and ethically sourced crystal bracelets.  Welcome to the Maggie M. family.

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