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In antiquity, as well as today, Carnelian is believed to help timid speakers become both eloquent and bold. Ancient Warriors wore Carnelian around their neck for courage and physical power to conquer their enemies. In Egypt, it was worn by master architects to show their rank of builder, and alchemists of the Middle Ages used it as a boiling stone to activate the energy of other Chalcedonies. As the first stone in the breastplate of the High Priest, it signified the blood of the martyrs and was once believed to prevent illness and the Plague.


The ancient Egyptians called Carnelian “the setting sun.” In its orange hues, they identified it with the receptive or passive female energies and associated it with the fertile menstrual blood of the mother goddess, Isis. In its red, red-orange to reddish brown shades, they considered it the active male energy stone, recognized by its glowing vibrant color. Carnelian is traditionally worn to enhance passion, love, and desire.


Carnelian is the traditional zodiac stone for those born under the sign Virgo.

Each tumbled stone is hand picked over 2cm. 


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  • Carnelian.


    I am a stabilising crystal, perfect for anchoring in the present. I have high energy, which will restore lost vitality and motivation. I can improve concentration and remove abstract thoughts in daydreamers, and during meditation.

    I also protect against envy, rage, and resentment – yours, or from others.  I can alleviate feelings of jealousy and possessiveness in relationships.

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